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Heart of Huron is our most ambitious fundraising campaign ever.

Together, we’re building upon the Heart of Huron to foster intellectual curiosity, collaboration and civic engagement. This fundraising campaign, which includes a brand-new 40,000 square foot academic building, is going to nurture a generation of leaders with the compassion and conviction to navigate our increasingly complex world.

We invite you to explore the Heart of Huron to see what the future of Canada’s leading Liberal Arts university looks like. See which initiatives best align with your vision for the future, and let’s come together to redefine the landscape of post-secondary education.

Students cannot wait until they are in the workplace to learn how to balance effectiveness with empathy. By that time, their principles will already be largely formed. That’s why, Huron is the only university in Canada that requires every student to engage in volunteerism, while also connecting them with one-on-one mentorship and research opportunities that are simply not found at other post-secondary institutions.

Donations will build upon new infrastructure and increase our giving capacity to remove barriers to access for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Like the community-oriented students who come to Huron, from more than 30 countries, your generosity will help shape a more just, sustainable and equitable future.

Heart of Huron


Dr. Barry Craig, President of Huron

“Our world is crying out for leaders who are not only intelligent but also use ethical strategies for bringing the best out of the people and environments they encounter. To address our world’s significant challenges, we believe a well-rounded education, supplemented with a focus on compassionate civic engagement is the way to bridge the gaps between students’ drive to be successful and their desire to act from a place of care and integrity.

Right now, you have the opportunity to build upon a legacy of excellence in leadership that aligns with society’s complex needs. I hope you’ll join us in creating Canada’s most radically innovative approach to higher education.

Dr. Barry Craig
President, Huron at Western University

Hear from the Head of Industry at Google about the importance of protecting the integrity of Liberal Arts Education

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  • The individuals who succeed are the ones who are able to adapt, embrace change and – most importantly – follow their passions. My time at Huron gave me that foundation for the future, and it led me to where I am today.
    Michael Medline
    Honorary Doctorate of Divinity '19, BA '84
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  • Our society needs leaders with great minds and great hearts. That’s what Huron is committed to developing, so I am proud to be supporting environments where students will develop their capacity for and commitment to ethical leadership.
    Prem Watsa
    Huron's Chancellor
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  • The amazing community established here is very rare – from people’s willingness to help you with absolutely anything through to your professors’ willingness to provide one-on-one mentorship and research opportunities.
    Urvi Maheshwari
    International Student from Modern School Barakhamba Road - New Delhi
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Huron Alumni, Michael Medline, is named Canada’s CEO of the Year by the Globe and Mail

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    Your gift to the Heart of Huron is creating a home for great hearts and great minds, and we appreciate your willingness to join us in challenging students to push our world forward.

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