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Help Ensure Leaders with Heart, from every background, can foster their potential

What does an elite, yet accessible education mean to you? For our Huron community, this concept goes far beyond the description of the types of learning environments our students, faculty and staff work tirelessly to cultivate.

Elite depicts Huron’s distinct Liberal Arts programming, which combines authentic engagement in intellectual and character development, high-achieving academics and personalized supports that cater to individuals’ unique gifts. While accessibility refers to our commitment to ensure students, from all walks of life, can access the distinguished education we offer.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where circumstance often dictates outcomes and talented young people are prohibited from cultivating their potential – simply based on their socioeconomic status.

We need your support to ensure Leaders with Heart, from all walks of life, have the financial freedom to attend Canada’s most unique Liberal Arts institution.

Heart of Huron


Meet Asmat, a refugee from Afghanistan and recipient of Huron’s largest-ever scholarship

Learn how community generosity made it possible for Huron to gift Asmat this life-changing financial support and how he plans to pay it forward by enhancing the transition of other immigrants and refugees to Canada.

Huron is committed to ensuring all students who align with our vision and demonstrate a sincere commitment to achievement and community engagement are given the opportunity to nurture their individual gifts, no matter their socioeconomic background.


Experiential Learning

More young people are attending university than ever before, which is creating a highly competitive job market where academic achievement isn’t the only thing that matters. Companies get to pick from the cream of the educational crop, and very often, these prime candidates must have work experience to stand out.  In order to get this hands-on experience before or shortly after they graduate from university, many students look for internships and volunteer opportunities. We recognize these experiential learning avenues are an incredible way for students to break into the job market, gain valuable experience and figure out which roles are best suited to their personalities and skills.

Huron already contributes more to Experiential Learning than many of our much larger institutional counterparts. However, that is still not good enough. We want to ensure our students are well-rounded citizens, who lead within their local and global communities, and never forget the importance of giving back. With that said, we need our community’s support to bolster our ability to provide even more avenues for internship, travel and volunteering opportunities.

In an article about the importance of internships for young people attaining employment, Ross Perlin of Intern Nation describes this problem, “Unpaid internships create a pay-to-play system since only some people can afford to work for zero dollars. This exacerbates social inequality because…it not only affects who gets ahead and does well, it also plays a big role in terms of the voices we hear in the media, politics, arts, etc.”

At Huron, we refuse to support the continuation of a system that rewards privilege over talent and hard work. So, we are appealing to our community to ensure every student with the drive to succeed will be able to participate in a paid internship.

We are guaranteeing every single one of our Huron students a paid internship, and we need your help to fulfill that commitment. When you donate to the Heart of Huron you will be helping students develop portfolios that stand out – and personalities that are engaged with changing the world.

There are many people and areas, around the world, that are in desperate need of the care and compassion our students need to be prepared – and willing – to give them. We want every single one of our students to volunteer and give back to the communities that have helped shaped them into the people and professionals they become.

A gift to the Heart of Huron campaign will help more of our students take part in international volunteerism projects where they travel abroad to support various initiatives within areas that are most in need. Whether working in orphanages in Africa or providing care, within communities that have been affected by socioeconomic oppression, your generosity is going to enable our students to influence meaningful change in areas of the world that are crying out for support from Leaders with Heart who have the knowledge, skills and empathy to generate sustainable solutions to inequity.

Your investment into our largest-ever fundraising campaign is one you can trust will have exponential returns because you are catalyzing the realization of a Huron student’s potential. Our students do not shy away from challenges: they show up and show off their incredible talent, imagination and work ethic.  Make a donation to the Heart of Huron and look forward to seeing the young people you support in front of international movements and headlines.

  • Huron has taught me to appreciate the value of everyone’s voices and the importance of listening to them,” Trevor says. “Because if I truly want to conduct business around the world, I need to understand all the stakeholders and how we can and will influence one another.
    Trevor Wright
    Fourth Year, Honours Specialization in Political Science with an Honours Business Administration from Ivey (dual degree)
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  • My colleagues and leadership team ensured I had the opportunities to make meaningful contributions to our work environment, and the company more broadly.
    Kristen Kodric
    Young Alumna
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  • International experiences at Huron have shaped me into the person I am today.
    Nicole Pyszka
    Japan Exchange
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By remaining strategically small, Huron has the distinct advantage of selecting students who best align with our commitments to academic excellence, community engagement and character development. Our thoughtful recruitment practices mean our campus is bustling with young leaders who work extremely hard in all aspects of their personal, professional and educational lives.

Many of these students would never have had the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education, if it were not for the scholarships and bursaries our community’s generosity empowers us to provide. Even though Huron has a much smaller number of students than many of our larger institutional counterparts, we offer comparable financial support.

That means, per capita, we are providing a far greater amount of awards and bursaries than is typical of a Canadian university. We do this because we want to be an institution that is ability forward and needs blind.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where circumstance often determines opportunity, but we’re doing all we can to change that. Your gifts to the Heart of Huron campaign will increase our ability to ensure deserving young people – who have the talent and drive, but not the means to be extraordinary additions to our prestigious campus – are able to come here from all over the world.  Please donate to our bursaries and scholarship funds, so we can award achievement and reduce barriers to access for the types of students who will pay your generosity forward by reshaping the way the world works.

In 2019-2020, Huron was able to award over $2.4 million in student scholarships and bursaries.  Currently, Huron is able to provide 30% of the bursary assistance for which students qualify, so your support and that of others means a great deal.