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Innovative Learning & Research

Research moves our world forward.

One of Huron’s most distinct advantages is our dedication to providing students with research opportunities that are rare across the undergraduate landscape. We do this by partnering students with faculty who provide one-on-one mentorship – both on campus and abroad during experiential learning initiatives. Our faculty collaborate with students in pursuit of the faculty members’ research, while also mentoring them as they pursue their own interests.
Through funding and the development of infrastructure, Huron creates an environment where students have access to multiple research projects, at any given time, that help distinguish our alumni when applying to graduate school and employment opportunities.

Your recognition of the power of research will help Huron attract international thought leaders to campus who will shape new programs and further enhance our university’s ability to establish itself as a centre of humanitarian investigation.
Right now, our faculty are engaged in numerous research projects, across all programs, that deserve financial support. Currently, Huron is eagerly seeking support to attract two endowed Research Chairs who will champion our Jewish Studies Program and Centre for Governance, Leadership & Ethics. We are also looking to partner with donors who want to enrich and extend the longevity of our brand-new Global Great Books program. We will continue to showcase our opportunities for research funding as our campaign continues”

These programs significantly contribute to our ability to foster excellence in global leadership. We look forward to supporting their longevity and growth, while also seeking funding that will empower the rich tapestry of our faculty’s overarching research contributions.

Learn more about these innovative approaches to learning and research and choose to give today to help our students address the issues that will affect our communities, environments and ways of life tomorrow. Make a gift and raise Huron’s capacity to address our world’s most complex issues.

Heart of Huron


  • Crunching numbers isn't what contributes most to my success; it's my capacity for looking toward the future and for understanding and influencing people that move my organizations.
    Melinda Rogers, BA & MDiv
    Chair of the Board of Rogers Communications, Founder of Rogers Venture Partners
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  • Our students will be called to serve in a rapidly changing and complex world. Collaborative leadership and ethical governance are increasingly crucial to ensuring the common good. Rather than “trading off” the economy, environment, and community, we need to find ways to work together for sustainable, inclusive development.
    Neil Bradford, PhD
    Coordinator and Professor - Governance Leadership and Ethics (GLE); Professor, Political Science
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  • Huron, as an institution, promotes Leadership with Heart. Through its unique hands-on programs, you engage with people from a variety of sectors.
    Angelique Marie Dacosta-Webster
    Huron Student
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  • It’s easy to mix sugar and water, and that’s what Huron is like – everyone is willing to incorporate new ideas and people – you just need to be spontaneous and open to every opportunity that comes your way.
    Jash Kalyani
    International Student from Dubai, UAE
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How your support will develop Global Leaders with Heart

Jewish Studies
Governance, Leadership & Ethics
Global Great Books

Enlighten Students by Furthering Inclusive Dialogue

In our growingly secular climate, Jewish Studies Programs are becoming rare. Huron recognizes the immense importance of preserving and amplifying the foundational narratives that have shaped and continue to shape Jewish communities around the world.

Since 2008, Huron has championed the maintenance and expansion of this interdisciplinary programs, which spans Western, Huron and King’s campuses. More than ever, we are in need of donor support to sustain our Jewish Studies program and ensure London – and the international students who come here to diversify their thinking – will continue to have access to a source of reminiscence, interfaith respect and understanding.

By enabling our university to attract a Research Chair, you will help protect the rich legacy of Jewish traditions and history. The Chair in Jewish Studies will be a wonderful resource for students, of every faith, who are interested in better understanding how they operate within a globalized world.


Let’s develop the types of leaders our world 

A first of its kind in Canada, Governance Leadership and Ethics (GLE) creates students who successfully operate within an increasingly uncertain world. We are looking to supporters, who understand you cannot lead within contemporary landscapes without human skills and a foundational understand of the ways the world works.

GLE combines elements of our political science, business, history and philosophy programs to nurture students’ capacity for inclusive and productive leadership. Through in-class learning and a strong focus on community engagement initiatives, the professors who conceived of and lead this program are supporting students to understand the challenges of contemporary governance – and how to effectively address them, while protect the best interests of the people and communities affected.

We are depending upon donor generosity to extend this program by helping secure a Research Chair who will deepen the centre’s positive influence on the next generation of global leaders.


Enrich Students’ Ability to Navigate the Complexities of Human Life

Huron’s brand-new Global Great Books program encourages students to discover the wonder of contemplation. Your donations will empower students to engage with the greatest authors of all time, so they may find meaningful solutions to humanity’s most important questions.

Questions about happiness, love, hatred and violence are universal, and the ways human beings attempt to navigate them tell us a lot about who they are and what motivates their actions.
Whether our students choose to lead within a boardroom or operating room, if they want to positively influence others, we need to help them understand how different types of people engage with the world. Global Great Books’ interdisciplinary courses create the unique opportunity to engage with profound questions to understand, in deep and meaningful ways, the perspectives of others – and how we can support one another to achieve great things.

This program, which launched in 2019 as a result of the generosity of a visionary donor, requires further funding to ensure students continue to become more familiar with the traditions that have shaped the world’s cultures.

Give to Global Great Books and empower the next generation of leaders who will be prepared to think and act as global citizens who are well-versed in empathy, world issues and the challenges that baffle us all.