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Your Gift at Work

Your investment in the Heart of Huron campaign will have immediate tangible effects on our school’s ability to deliver an education that will develop the next generation of great hearts and minds.

Our ambitious fundraising targets are not aimed at fostering a “someday” vision. With your support, we’re taking action right now to ensure our students and community-at-large have the spaces and resources they require to discover the answers to human questions that have yet to be addressed.

See how your generosity is contributing to living and environments that will foster critical thinking, creative problem solving and a passion for civic engagement.

We look forward to celebrating Canada’s most revolutionary model of post-secondary education when we open the doors to the brand-new
Heart of Huron.

Heart of Huron


Our Community is coming together to build the Heart of Huron

Barry Craig


Leaders with Heart mission two years ago, the response has been overwhelming. Our application numbers have more than doubled. We have raised our entrance standards such that they are now among the highest in Canada. And yet, even-larger numbers of qualified young people are being drawn to Huron. Despite nationwide declining enrollment in most Liberal Arts universities, Huron continues to grow.

Why is that? This generation of young people are not satisfied with standing by when they need to act to reduce suffering and improve the lives of others. They are demanding a different kind of education – one that will prepare them for a future none of us can even begin to imagine – and Huron is delivering on their demands.

Our university is breaking the ivory tower traditions to guarantee every student paid internships, encourage volunteerism and put as much emphasis on character building as we are cultivating superior educational experiences. We are developing Leaders with Heart, and we’re inviting you to join us in pursuit of this radical, but essential mission.

Hear from our students about how previous giving has enhanced their ability to lead, guided by a strong ethical foundation and understanding of the importance of putting others first.

  • Huron is creating new infrastructure and refreshing existing campus learning and social spaces, which is important for both attracting and retaining the types of students that are going to contribute significantly to our university’s legacy of excellence in leadership.
    Rick Lucas
    Lucas Alumni House
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  • Alfred Apps
    BA '79, Philosophy
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  • We believe society is crying out at this exact point in history for students who are called to lead – but to lead with a heart and a conscience.
    Dr. Barry Craig
    President at Huron
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Thank you for believing in our students as much as we do.

We recognize your generosity is pulled in many directions. There are countless admirable causes that demand of our time and resources, and it can be difficult to decide how best to move our world forward through philanthropic giving.

No one can predict the return on investment on your hard-earned dollars when you choose to give towards particular causes. However, what we can promise you is, by supporting the Heart of Huron, you are going to create new and enhanced opportunities for young leaders to develop the tools they need to thrive within highly-challenging marketplaces, globalized landscapes and a future full of uncertainty.

Your gift will attract formidable talent and brilliance to London, Ontario and, more than that, you will create sources of inspiration for the young minds who are going to take their knowledge and skills far beyond our city to positively influence places and people around the world.

Your donation to the Heart of Huron campaign will empower students, from every socio-economic background, to discover the life-enhancing power of education. Your gift may just spark the ideas and ignite the minds that will save the environment; spur significant humanitarian benefit; or unite communities through compassionate dialogue and collaborative leadership.

Thank you for supporting the