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Our Legacy
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As a tight-knit community we take pride in our 160-year legacy of creating distinct experiences to help develop the next generation of Leaders with Heart. We prepare students for a world of possibilities and our alumni are proof of the successes we create as they leave our community with solid skills, a commitment to social responsibility and the potential for personal growth.

The Huron Distinction

In recent decades, most Canadian universities have chosen to massify undergraduate education, issuing as many degrees to as many students as possible, taking in tens of thousands of students while offering each individual student less. In these learning environments, hundreds, and often thousands, of students are crammed into one giant lecture hall. At Huron, we have taken a completely opposite approach, with an unwavering commitment to quality over quantity.

We specialize in select programs, while intentionally limiting our enrolment to a set number of students. This allows us to nurture every student’s individual vision and needs. We provide individualized opportunities and elite connections, enabling students to enjoy a meaningful education where they can distinguish themselves from other university graduates.

Classroom Experience

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30 Students Per Class

  • Highly interactive, discussion-based learning, with real-world application.
  • Professors who mentor you, rather than lecture you.

Other Universities

Hundreds of Students Per Class

  • Watch slideshows and memorize textbooks with minimal participation – an approach to learning that hasn’t evolved in decades.

Access to Internships

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Guaranteed Paid Internships

  • Every Huron student has the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience, develop a well-rounded skill set, and earn a competitive income.

Other Universities

Limited Internships

  • Competing with thousands of other students for limited opportunities makes it challenging for every student to access a meaningful internship opportunity.

Community, Care & Support

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Personalized Support

  • Quick access to twice the amount of personal academic, career, and wellness advisors (compared to national average) who know you on a first-name basis.
  • Our tight-knit student body makes it easier to form meaningful connections with peers and make friends.

Other Universities

Support Bottleneck

  • Too many students with too few advisors makes receiving adequate support a challenge.
  • With hundreds of students in a class, it’s hard to make connections – or even raise your hand.

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Our Legacy

160 Years of Leadership

For more than 160 years, Huron has prioritized ethical leadership, community engagement, and professional success. This world class education, has connected many extraordinary people to our community, but where did it all begin?

On May 5, 1863, Huron was incorporated and thus, became the founding college of Western University. Originally established as Huron College, Huron changed its name to Huron University College with Royal Assent in June 2000. To be part of Huron is to be part of one of the oldest university communities in Canada.

Huron’s History

Our Mission

At Huron, our mission is to engage the world by being an academic community of Leaders with Heart.

We see this coming to life through Huron being an academic institution built on a foundation of intellectual rigour, a belief in the common good, and a commitment to civic engagement. To achieve this vision, our guiding principles are rooted in integrity, empathy, open inquiry, and mutual respect.

To achieve our mission and vision, while also staying true to our institution’s values, we’ve worked hard to create a Strategic Plan that will empower our community to deliver an education that fosters the development of students’ character, as much as their academics.

Huron’s New Strategic Plan


As a community we pride ourselves on our approach to offering Huron students with an exceptional education. We recognize that, in order to achieve our goals, Huron needs to continue to have a sustainable foundation that can endure for future generations of students, staff, and faculty. To achieve this, Huron has created an accessible, modern, and inclusive governance model that ensures we become the kind of community we desire to be.



At Huron, we are committed to fostering an institution where inclusion, diversity, education, commitment, and planning are the core of our strategic directions. We want to ensure our community fosters a culture that is transparent and accountable to our faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends, and community.

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