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Teaching & Learning

Where does teaching end and learning begin?

Here at Huron, our small class sizes, dedicated professors, and numerous immersive, student-led projects make the two inseparable.

Through a blend of active and experiential learning, our students build strong, reciprocal networks as they learn from—and teach—their professors, fellow students, and communities.

The result: an enriched educational experience as communal as it is personal. Curious, proficient scholars who feel connected to their work. A community that values and is valued by each and every member.

What can we learn from you?

  • Phantoms of the Past offers a unique opportunity to travel across the Atlantic Ocean, visit the United Kingdom and participate in a transatlantic research project. It was one of the highlights of my time as an undergraduate and I will never forget it!
    Thomas Lang, History student
    Transatlantic research collaboration creates student travel opportunities
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  • This experiential learning trip explored issues of justice, peace, equity, and sustainability. It taught me to be mindful about where the things I consume and use on a daily basis come from, and to be curious about the lives and stories of those who produce it.
    Danika Morrison, Global Development student
    Alternate spring break experience provides global perspective
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  • This mentorship program provides space for the students to realize their skills, and really gets the senior students thinking about their roles as role models for first year students. They get to see that they can make a difference.
    Dr. Christine Tsang, Psychology professor
    Tri-Mentorship Program increases student engagement
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  • There’s so much more to history than you can learn in class.
    Patrick Kinghan, History student
    Summer fellowship moves research beyond the library
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Learning at Huron

Through continuous research and consultation with professionals and our valued students, we’ve cultivated a learning experience that’s productive, encouraging, and personalized—one where you’ll never be afraid to raise your hand.

Here’s what that commitment looks like:

  • Individualized: Huron knows your name. Our small class sizes allow our students to receive 1-on-1 attention and guidance from the professor who actually designed the course. You can track your progress, develop your personalized learning trajectory, and maybe even land a paid research job with your favourite prof—all while building long-term, supportive networks with your classmates.
  • Experiential: Learning isn’t one-dimensional, so why should teaching be? From day one at Huron, you’ll have access to a broad but interconnected range of experiential learning opportunities here and across the globe. Our holistic approach meaningfully links courses, opportunities, and you, so you’ll build on that learning year after year.
  • Innovative: Who says university can’t be practical? Our professors keep up with (and contribute to) the latest developments in pedagogy. Huron classes will see you completing immersive, career-boosting projects like documentaries, websites, and even international research—then retaining your learning long past finals.

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