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Supporting our Students

We encourage you to come in to see us and utilize the services that we provide to all of our students. We are here to promote your ultimate success at Huron and beyond! The Registrar’s Office, Student Support Services, and Housing and Student Life are located in the West Wing of Huron University on the main floor, directly below the Kingsmill Room. Stop by when you need some help or have questions — we want to make sure your university experience is the best it can be.

And don’t forget, as a Huron University student, you also have access to Western’s Student Services.

Student Quick Reference Guide

To help you find the support you need, we have developed a Student Quick Reference Guide, containing the contact information, website addresses, and drop-in or office hours of 12 different departments across Huron. You can find the document below or by visiting the Form Centre.


  • I am committed to providing a safe, welcoming campus for students, staff and faculty by providing confidential assistance to those who have personal safety concerns. Providing a safe and welcoming campus for students, staff and faculty is our top priority.
    Sarah Read
    Director, Community Safety
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  • Starting here at Huron is like winning the lottery for me. I am a very student centric person, and the idea that I am in a position to take care of student needs, something that is a central driving force for me, is incredible.
    Jennifer Flynn-Clark
    AVP, Students
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  • As Registrar of Huron, I am so proud of the incredible Leaders with Heart we connect with on a daily basis. We are proud in student services to offer a personalized experience to our remarkable students. We are here to help.
    Jennifer Morocco
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