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Huron Alumni Association

The Huron University Alumni Association is committed to providing opportunities for Huron alumni and friends to maintain connections with fellow Huron alumni and to participate in and contribute to the continuing life and growth of the Huron University community.


Director Position on the Huron Alumni Association Board: The Huron Alumni Association Board of Directors is seeking three new members to join our enthusiastic and passionate group of volunteers who actively support Huron’s vision and mission of becoming a community of Leaders with Heart.

Who We Are

Partnering with Huron’s University Advancement and Alumni Relations team, we provide Huron alumni with opportunities to participate in and contribute to the continuing life and growth of the Huron community. We proudly represent a community of over 14,000 Huron graduates around the world.


Term begins July 1, 2023 for a period of three years.

Board Member Responsibilities

As a member of the Huron Alumni Association Board of Directors, you will be part of a team of alumni leaders committed to contributing to the continuing life, growth and support of Huron University College through active participation in Huron’s alumni affairs.

Meeting Schedule

The Huron Alumni Association Board of Directors meets three times a year: once in person at Huron University College and two other times via Zoom. This is in addition to board committee meetings which meet as required.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Huron Alumni Association Board of Directors, please submit (1) your CV/resume; and, (2) a letter/personal statement expressing why you are interested in serving on the Board and why you would be the ideal candidate.

Please submit your application to Chelsea Smith by Friday, May 19, 2023 at 5:00pm EST.

If you have any questions, please also direct these to Chelsea Smith.

Alumni Association Board of Directors

President / Vice President
Vivek Prabhu
'13, President
Chelsea Smith
'11, Vice President
Huron has played such an important role in my life. It has been essential in getting me to where I am today. I met my husband, Brett Wiepjes '13, at Huron. Together, we view the Huron community as an extended part of our family – this is one reason we had to have Huron as both the venue and theme for our May 2018 wedding. Huron is a part of our story. I care deeply about Huron and its success.
Jeff Baryshnik
'02, Director
I am honoured to serve on the Alumni Board. Through my involvement, I see first-hand Huron’s ongoing commitment to ensuring its students have the best possible undergraduate experience with the strong foundation of a liberal arts education, the benefits of small class sizes, and the lifelong friendships from a close-knit community with all the benefits of the broader university. I am proud to support Huron and its students in creating positive change in the world.
Katy Boychuk
'10, Director
My overall experience at Huron has been invaluable to my personal and professional success. I enrolled at Huron before the “Leaders with Heart” vision was established. Yet, from the first day I set foot on campus it felt like that was the vision all along. As a student I was drawn to opportunities that bridged student-life, academics and community. Huron is where my passion for community, making meaningful connections and storytelling were shaped. It is where I met lifelong friends, mentors and made memories that will last a lifetime. And it is where I learned to define my personal values as a Leader with Heart. It is an absolute honour to give back to the Huron community as a donor and new member of the Alumni Association Board.
Rev'd Dr. Grayhame Bowcott
'08 & '10, Director
For generations Huron University has been the gateway through which numerous leaders of ministry have been nurtured, enabled and sent out across Canada. From political activists to professors, youth ministers to bishops, Huron has equipped the very best to serve the needs of the Church and Canadian society today.
Vern Fernandes
'86, Director
I truly enjoyed my time at Huron as I forged numerous friendships which I still hold today and also where I met my wife Mary (Morden ’85). I really would like today’s students to have the same experience we had and I hope by being on the board, I am able to make a contribution towards that happening. There are lots of fond memories including tobogganing down the hill behind the refectory (Huron Dam) on cafeteria trays, our epic Huron pubs in the SAC, being a Soph in Orientation week and of course, math with Dr. Eddy Smet.
Natalie Pierce
'14, Director
Huron shaped my perceptions of self and ignited a curiosity to see and understand the world in the pursuit to make it better. To join the board, is a pleasure and a privilege. It’s an opportunity to give back to a community that moulded who I am today.
Laura (McGregor) Ross
'85, Director
Huron was one of the happiest times of my life. I wanted to give back to a place that gave so much to me.
Drew Sussman
'13, Director
Throughout my undergraduate studies, Huron fostered an environment that allowed me to make meaningful connections with classmates, professors, administrators, staff, and other members of the community. In the years since my graduation, I have been committed to making a positive impact on that community as an alumnus. For that reason I am all the more enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the meaningful work of the Huron Alumni Association Board.
Peter Theophilos
'94, Past President
Andra Townshend O'Neill
'18, Director
The chapel at Huron is a gathering place for students, particularly for students in the faculty of Theology who gather there daily as part of the curriculum. The community that is formed through this daily pattern is a community that continues long after graduation. Planning, leading, making mistakes, breaking bread, gathering on Wednesday for lunch and catching up, this is where I became a member of the Huron family.
Founding Members and Past Presidents
Ann Kennedy Kedwell
Beverley Paterson Wood
Gail (Hubbard) Varey