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Help us build a place within the heart of campus

Build a place, within the heart of campus, where young people feel safe, included and inspired to share and shape ideas that may become the solutions our world needs. For years, our students have come together in tight quarters to study, socialize, perform and network. Despite the shortcomings of our current SAC, they’ve made the most out of the space. Now it’s time to give them the room they need – and deserve – to really make Huron feel like home. Huron’s Student Activity Centre will create opportunities to more readily connect students with their peers, mentors and support systems, so our entire community can come together to nurture the hearts, minds and wellness of the hands we’re putting our future into.

The SAC will also be home to our student bar, which empowers our Student’s Council to raise funds for important initiatives and gives them the autonomy they need to act independently from our overarching institution. Within this venue, our young leaders will network with their future employees, deepen their relationships with faculty and staff and form some of the best memories of their undergraduate life.

Help up increase Huron’s profile and position as Canada’s leading Liberal Arts university. Donate to our Student Activity Centre, so we can create a multi-purpose space that enhances our student experience.

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