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Classrooms and Seminar Rooms

One of Huron’s most distinct advantages is our determination to remain strategically small to ensure we are able to cater to the unique needs of our students. We offer students resources akin to our much larger educational counterparts – except ours are spread across a smaller student body.

This means every single student receives one-on-one support and mentorship from the most engaged faculty and administration across Canada.

Due to increasing demand for Huron’s unique model of education, we need your support to build more classrooms to ensure our students still have access to intimate learning environments where they directly engage with peers and faculty members.

In addition to these innovative learning environments, our new academic building will also include various lounge spaces. Many of our students spend the majority of their time on campus, so we want the meaningfulness of their time here to extend beyond what they read about and discuss within their classrooms. We want them to bump shoulder with their future business partners, philanthropic collaborators and friends in spaces purposefully designed to meet their intellectual, social and developmental needs.

Make a gift to the Heart of Huron, and strengthen the world’s recognition that London, Ontario – and Canada more broadly – is a hub of research and education that will push our world forward.