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We trust in our students’ responsibility, intellect, and drive. They’re active participants in their education.

That’s why Huron offers a broad but interconnected range of experiential learning opportunities here and across the globe. Through connections with businesses, non-profits, and other organizations, our students make a tangible impact on the world around them.

Our faculty have designed a holistic approach that makes meaningful links between the objectives of individual classes, experiential learning opportunities, and whole programs of study, so our students can articulate their progress as they build on their classroom discoveries, foster deep community bonds, and develop transferable, employable skills.

After all, learning isn’t one dimensional. Why should teaching be?

  • Phantoms of the Past offers a unique opportunity to travel across the Atlantic Ocean, visit the United Kingdom and participate in a transatlantic research project. It was one of the highlights of my time as an undergraduate and I will never forget it!
    Thomas Lang, History student
    Transatlantic research collaboration creates student travel opportunities
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  • This experiential learning trip explored issues of justice, peace, equity, and sustainability. It taught me to be mindful about where the things I consume and use on a daily basis come from, and to be curious about the lives and stories of those who produce it.
    Danika Morrison, Global Development student
    Alternate spring break experience provides global perspective
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We Commit to Difference

Difference should be more than recognized—it should be valued. Experiential learning at Huron has been designed with difference in mind.

We commit to:

  • Diversity in options. By offering a range of opportunities, both curricular and extra-curricular, that vary in intensity, topic, and length, we ensure our students can customize an undergraduate learning experience that fits their unique needs.
  • Diversity in partnerships. By connecting our students to a range of communities, from local employers to international universities, we facilitate their meaningful collaboration with, understanding of, and contribution to those around them.
  • Diversity in students. By embracing the enormous range of skills, struggles, knowledge, and goals of Huron students, we dismantle barriers to learning. We cultivate an experiential learning curriculum that is informed, inclusive, and accessible.

What Our Students Are Doing

As the knowledge, values, and needs of our students and partners shift and evolve, so do our experiential learning opportunities. Below, you’ll find just a few examples of our students’ recent successes. To learn about current and upcoming opportunities available to you, please contact your department head or academic advisor.

  • CURL Research Fellowships: Do you have an ethical dilemma you’d like to explore or a community problem you’d like to help solve? Every year, up to 8 Huron students can receive $1500 and faculty mentorship to support them in an independent, extracurricular research project of their own design. CURL Fellows have presented their work internationally, composed published papers, and created successful documentaries, and more!
  • CURL Student Bursaries: Looking to share your work, volunteer your time, or hone a career skill? Through CURL Student Bursaries, up to 8 Huron students per year can obtain up to $500 in support of their learning-based travel. Winners have presented at conferences, volunteered internationally with Uniterra, helped to develop programs to improve women’s wellbeing in international workforces, participated in skill-building workshops, and visited a range of historical sites.
  • Paid Research Assistantships: Huron students complete thorough, professional research. That’s why Huron professors have developed paid, high-level research opportunities for our students, enabling them to co-author published papers, complete international fieldwork, and develop research skills like proposal writing and using qualitative analysis software.
  • Real-Life Consulting Projects: In the 2018-2019 school year, Huron students proposed, managed, and executed a variety of business consulting projects for local Southwestern Ontario clients. Connecting with real-life businesses like 3M Canada, Oxygon Technologies, LondonFuse, and more, students worked to understand clients’ needs, engage client representatives, scope requirements, conduct analyses, provide status updates, and prepare recommendations and implementation plans.
  • Phantoms of the Past: Throughout this multi-year partnership with Bath Spa University, Huron students have travelled to Bath Spa in England and to Lucas, Chatham, and Dresden in Ontario to analyze the histories, texts, images, and cultural memory of 19th century slavery. Having completed community-based field work and original research projects like papers, digital archives, films, and more, they’ve presented their work at a public Huron conference alongside distinguished scholars from Canada and the UK. Much of their work is now published on the Phantoms of the Past website.

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