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Huron University Confers Honourary Doctorate to Music Icon, Dionne Warwick

Nov 15 2021

EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY – Huron University is proud to have conferred a Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa) to music legend Dionne Warwick.

“Perhaps more impressive is her dedication to creating meaningful change in the world, something that she woven into the fabric of her entire life and her musical career,” said Dr. Barry Craig, President, Huron University College, at the ceremony.

Dr. Craig conferred the Doctorate to Warwick on Nov. 10 at the Dionne Warwick Institute of Economics & Entrepreneurship, the public school in East Orange, New Jersey that the Grammy-award winning singer attended as a child. This is only the second time in Huron’s 158-year history that an honourary degree has been presented outside of the Huron campus.

“I’m so happy to have been able to have this ceremony done here,” said Warwick to the crowd of pre-Kindergarten to grade five students gathered for the ceremony. “Hopefully this will inspire my babies, as I call them, to achieve exactly what has just happened to me.

I am so full.

Warwick’s musical career spans six decades, making her one of the most celebrated artists in music history. Outside her prestigious career, she has been at the center of many social and charitable movements including civil rights activism, raising money for AIDS research and acting as UN Ambassador.

“There are a lot of famous people in the world, and people who have talents and gifts, but not all of them remember the importance of giving back to the world. That’s what makes Dionne Warwick special,” said Dr. Craig. “Her life hasn’t been lived simply for herself. Her life has been lived also to create a better world around her.”

Huron’s mission to develop a generation of Leaders with Heart aligns with Warwick’s work to empower young people to lead at the school named in her honour.

“I know without any reservation whatsoever that each and every one of you will at one time in your life have this very same honour given to you,” Warwick conveyed in her address to students.

As part of the ceremony, Dr. Craig announced a scholarship for the first student from the Dionne Warwick Institute to attend Huron University. We look forward to welcoming students from the Dionne Warwick Institute to Huron, and continuing to develop a partnership with a school that shares of mission of developing Leaders with Heart.'