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Huron mourns the 8 victims of Atlanta’s racially-based shooting & extends its support to all those affected by racial targeting

Mar 19 2021

Our university extends its sincerest sympathy to those affected by the horrific shooting that took place in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16. In light of this event and the ongoing racial targeting that our Asian communities are facing, Huron wants to make its anti-racist position explicitly clear and extend as much support as is needed to our students, faculty and staff during this time of healing and necessary action.

Part of our university’s responsibility in addressing racism and eliminating it from our campus and communities is to engage directly with those who experience it. Our Head Student Engagement Officer, Hongyao Zhu, provided the following statement to our Administration:

Racism towards Asians is real. Asian Hate is real. As a member of the Asian community, an Asian and racialized minority, seeing these crimes and hate against Asians, make me feel vulnerable. I am devastated, and I feel helpless. Any one of us could be like those eight victims in Atlanta. It could be today. It could be tomorrow, or any day after that, as long as racism persists. Let us work together to combat Asian racism and stop Asian Hate.

In support of Hongyao and all those who are currently suffering or have suffered due to racially-based behaviours and ideologies, our President, Dr. Barry Craig, shares the following:

We are saddened and horrified by the recent attacks on Asian people in Atlanta. As with other racist incidents that we have witnessed, we must stand together with members of victimized communities. Huron is proud of its strong Asian student body and we are committed to supporting them now and always. To our Asian community at Huron: you are our family.

To any student who has felt excluded, afraid or discriminated against in any way, shape or form, we want you to know we are here for you and we will listen to you. Further, should any acts of hate occur on our campus, we will swiftly take the appropriate actions to make clear we will not allow for Huron to become poisoned by discrimination.

Our university is proud of those who are already speaking out. We are excited about the opportunity to raise up your voices and support our shared vision for a world free from prejudice. Please contact our Director of Student Safety, Sarah Read, for any matters relating to our stance on anti-racism or to report behaviour – positive or negative – you believe we should be made aware of.