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Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership

Turn your love for animals and passion for the environment into a degree that both deepens your knowledge and prepares you to lead. The first program of its kind, AESL builds your understanding of pressing animal and environmental issues – along with the management and leadership skills you need to be career ready.

AESL allows you to study:

  • How animals are and could be protected through law and policy
  • Sustainable and ethical business practices and strategies
  • Ethical debates about our responsibilities to other species
  • The relationships between nature and technology
  • Just transitions and climate action plans for organizations and communities
  • Other ecological and multispecies topics that reflect your specific interests and goals.


  • AESL is about positive and meaningful impact: for animals, our shared planet, and other people. Our graduates will be ethical leaders who help make the dream of a more humane, sustainable, and just future a reality in thoughtful, innovative, effective, and inspiring ways.
    Dr. Kendra Coulter
    Professor in Management and Organizational Studies, Coordinator of AESL, and Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
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Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership (AESL)

AESL can be pursued as a standalone major or in combination with another module as a major or minor.

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Major/Minor (PDF)

Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership Careers

AESL opens many doors to rewarding and influential career pathways across sectors in areas such as:

Where will a degree in Animal Ethics take you?
  • Animal law and advocacy
  • Entrepreneurship in fashion, beauty, animal care, food, and retail
  • Business and animal welfare
  • The green economy
  • Animals in sports and ecotourism
  • Conservation and community development
  • Animal protection in criminal justice and law enforcement
  • Human-animal-environmental wellbeing and One Health
  • Animal welfare nonprofit leadership
  • Animal care services
  • Animal assisted therapy and green care
  • Humane education and graduate studies

Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership Courses

The required courses for AESL are:

  • MOS 2185A/B Animal Welfare and Sustainability Leadership
  • GGB 3001F/G Nature and Technology
  • GLE 3011F/G Animals in Law and Policy
  • PHI 3725F/G Animal Ethics

AESL is a BA degree that integrates a compelling range of courses from management and organizational studies, the social sciences, and arts to ensure depth and breadth of understanding and skill development. See this document for the full list of electives and degree requirements.

Contributing and Participating Professors

Dr. Kendra Coulter, Professor, Management and Organizational Studies, and Coordinator of Animal Ethics and Sustainability Leadership,, 519.438.7224 ext. 197

Richard (Richie) Bloomfield, Assistant Professor, Management and Organizational Studies,, 519.438.7224 ext. 345,

Dr. Jennifer Epp, Assistant Professor, Philosophy,, 519.438.7224 c/o ext. 277

Dr. Bill Irwin, Associate Professor and Chair of Management and Organizational Studies,, 519.438.7224 ext. 614

Dr. Tracy Lemos, Professor, Theology

Dr. Jonathan Marsh, Assistant Professor, Philosophy,, 519.438.7224 c/o ext. 277

Dr. Brett Potter, Assistant Professor, Theology

Dr. Daisy Raphael, Assistant Professor, Political Science,, 519.438.7224 ext. 444

Dr. Nina Reid-Maroney, Professor, History,, 519.438.7224 ext. 358

Dr. Peter Sabo, Assistant Professor, Global Great Books and Jewish Studies,, 519.438.7224 c/o ext. 277

Dr. Hernan Tesler-Mabé, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Jewish Studies,, 519.438.7224 ext. 199

Dr. Tony Weis, Professor, Geography (Western),, 519.661.2111 ext. 87472

Student Stories

  • AESL is a groundbreaking new program at Huron that has equipped me to be a champion for animal welfare and sustainability in the classroom, boardroom, and beyond.
    Cogie Cogan
    AESL and Global Studies Student, Internationally recognized student leader
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More Information

You are welcome to contact Dr. Coulter, Coordinator of AESL, with any questions.

Huron also has a dedicated admissions team. Visit this helpful page for more information, including about Huron’s generous scholarships and financial aid.

The admission requirements for AESL are those for Arts & Social Sciences.

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