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Assistant Professor, Management & Organizational Studies

Richie Bloomfield, MBA
519-438-7224  ext. 345
Since the majority of the students in my course are beginning their post-secondary journey, my focus is on developing their ability to not only think critically, but also to have the confidence to communicate those insights effectively.

Richard Bloomfield is passionate about entrepreneurship, as well as the social sustainability of food production. He has taught numerous introductory business management and accounting courses that act as the foundation for the management and organizational program at Huron University College. Over the past three years Richard has collaborated with fellow faculty member Alexander Miller, the Library and Learning Services team, and current students to create new business case studies. The cases spotlight emerging business models such as social enterprise, non-profit and co-op as well as centring diverse voices in these spaces.

In 2022, Richard introduced an upper-year course as part of the new entrepreneurship minor offered at Huron. The course is focused on how to start a business or social enterprise building on his own real-world experience. He co-founded Urban Roots London in 2017, a non-profit urban farm that is addressing issues around food access. In late 2019, he also co-founded Sidetrack: A Wortley Café, where his passion for entrepreneurship and community intersects with his love for espresso.

Richard is a proud alumnus of Huron University College from the Centre for Global Studies as well as a graduate from the Ivey Business School from both the HBA and MBA programs. He is currently completing his PhD on the political economy of agro-food systems by examining current farmland policy, ownership dynamics, and alternative land-use models that support next or first-generation farmers in Ontario.

Summary of Research:

  • Bloomfield, R.S. (2023). Friendlier: Growth in re-use. Open Access Teaching Case Journal1(2).
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  • Habitual Chocolate: Expansion Opportunities; November 2016. (Ivey Publishing Case Number 9B16B018)
  • Hospitality Services — Eatery Challenges; March 2016. (Ivey Publishing Case Number 9B16B002)

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