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University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory health insurance plan for all international and exchange students enrolled at an Ontario university. UHIP helps to cover the cost of hospital and medical services you may need to maintain your health while in Canada. New and current international students will be automatically enrolled in UHIP for the twelve-month period from September 1 to August 31 of the current academic year. The current UHIP fees will be included in your tuition fee bill and listed on the Huron Student Finance Page.

UHIP is provided by Cowan/Manulife:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-833-377-8447

For more information, please visit Homepage – UHIP/RAMU

UHIP Important Updates

  • UHIP is provided by Cowan/Manulife, effective September 1, 2022.
  • UHIP coverage begins the date you arrive in Canada but no earlier than August 10. Cowan will send an email once your UHIP card is ready to download.
  • If you need to see a doctor before receiving the UHIP card, you will have to pay for the doctor’s fees. Hold on to the receipt and submit a claim after you receive the card. In case of an emergency, go to the nearest hospital and let them know you are waiting for your UHIP card.  You will not be turned away at the hospital.  Provide a copy of your UHIP card to the hospital as soon as you receive it.
  • NOTE: A UHIP application is required for dependents (spouse/partner and children) travelling with you to Canada. If you have dependents, send an email to Janis Kramer at Dependents must be enrolled in UHIP within 30 days of their arrival date to avoid a $500 late fee penalty.

Summary of UHIP Coverage:

UHIP will pay up to $1,000,000.00 per year to each plan member (and their registered dependents) for the cost of eligible medically-necessary health services and treatments.

This may include:

  • Hospital and physician services
  • Surgery – including the administration of anesthetics
  • Ambulance
  • Diagnostic laboratory and x-ray services
  • Counselling and psychological services
  • Gynecological exams
  • Pregnancy-related healthcare, even if pregnancy began before arrival in Ontario

Services NOT covered:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Routine eye exams
  • Dental care services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Eyeglasses, frames, and contact lenses
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Medical examinations and tests required for immigration services or third party cosmetic surgery
  • Preparation of records, reports, certificates, and communications

To Add a Dependent

Your dependents won’t be automatically enrolled. To find out more information and to enroll eligible family members, please contact Janis Kramer at

NOTE: Dependents must be enrolled in UHIP within 30 days of your UHIP start date to avoid a late fee of $500. Your UHIP start date is the first of the month you begin studies at Huron.

Printing Your UHIP Card

Near the start of the term, Cowan will send an email once your UHIP card is ready to download. Make sure to activate your UWO email as early as you can in order to receive the email. Each time you visit a health care or medical service provider you will be required to show your UHIP card. It is very important that you print your UHIP card as soon as you receive the email and carry a copy with you in case of a medical emergency.


If you have any questions about UHIP coverage, please contact Cowen or Phone: 1-833-377-8447.