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Meal Plan

Students in Residence: All students living in residence must participate in the food plan. Students dine in the Huron Dining Hall, located on Huron’s campus just a short walk from the residences. The meal plan is based on an “all you care to eat” system. The set price covers all meals, every day, for the entire academic year.

Flex dollars are included in your meal plan purchase and can be topped up at any time. There are Huron and Western Flex dollars. Huron flex dollars can be used to purchase at the Retail Kiosk in Huron’s Dining Hall.  Western Flex dollars can be used at any food service location at Western and some off campus restaurants. Western Flex dollars can be topped up at Western.  More information on Western Flex dollars can be found here.

Non-Resident Students: Non-Resident Students have a few options open to them. You can purchase the full year meal plan, one of the bulk meal plan purchase options or just pay as you go. Any option purchased will allow you to access the Huron Dining Hall for an All You Care to Eat experience.

Retail Kiosk: There is a retail kiosk at the entrance to the Dining Hall where students can pick up Starbucks Coffee drinks, sandwiches, and other ‘Grab and Go’ options. These can be paid for with debit, credit, cash or Huron flex dollars.


Huron Dining Hall – Weekly Schedule – Term 2
Week Menu Week Notes
Jan 8 – 14 2 Dining Hall re-opens Jan 7 Noon
Jan 15 – 21 3
Jan 22 – 28 4
Jan 29 – Feb 4 1
Feb 5 – 11 2
Feb 12 – 18 3
Feb 19 – 25 4 Reading Week: open 9:30a – 8:00p all week
Feb 26 – Mar 3 1
Mar 4 – 10 2
Mar 11 – 17 3
Mar 18 – 24 4
Mar 25 – 31 1 Mar 29 – Good Friday – holiday hours
Apr 1 – 7 2
Apr 8 – 14 3
Apr 15 – 21 4 Exam Hours
Apr 22 – 28 1 Exam Hours
Apr 29 – May 1 2 Dining Hall closes May 1 Noon




For Huron Full Meal Plan students observing Ramadan, a Suhur meal bag can be available daily during Ramadan.  Students must sign up for this program here.

Suhur meal bags will be available for students who sign up for the program for pickup between 4PM and 8PM daily at the dining hall cashier desk.  Pickup begins March 9 and ends April 8.

Ramadan Menu 2024

Huron's Meal Plan

Full Year Meal Plan is Mandatory for First Year Students in Residence and is included as part of the All-In Residence Cost.

Do you have specific questions about our meal plan? Please email for more information


Bulk Meal Plan Purchase
Guest Access Pricing
Huron Flex Dollars
Full Year Meal Plan
Per Semester Meal Plan

This option is available for Upper-year students or non-resident students.

You can purchase a block of meals and load up your card at the Dining Hall anytime it is open.

Bulk Meal Plans are non-transferrable and non-refundable.  Plans expire at the end of Winter Term annually.

Students should manage their Anytime Bulk Meal count usage over the school term appropriately.

Anytime Meals at All You Care to Eat Dining Hall:

  • 50 Anytime Meals = $690.00 plus tax
  • 100 Anytime Meals = $1,338.00 plus tax
  • 200 Anytime Meals = $2,586.00 plus tax

Anyone without a meal plan can visit the Dining Hall for a one-time all-you-care-to eat experience, pay the retail price and enjoy a delicious meal.

  • Breakfast (7:30am – 10:30am) = $12.00 plus tax
  • Lunch (11:30am – 3:00pm) = $16.45 plus tax
  • Weekend Brunch (9:30am – 3:00pm) = $16.45 plus tax
  • Dinner (4:45 pm – 9:30pm) = $18.80 plus tax

Flex Dollars can be purchased for use in the Dining Hall or Retail Kiosk.

Flex Dollars are non-transferrable and non-refundable.  Flex Dollars expire at the end of Winter Term annually.

Purchase Amount $125 or Less $126-225 $226-325 $326 and up
Reward % 0 5% 7% 10%
Reward $ 0 $6.25-11.25 $15.82-22.75 Min. $32.60

The Full Year Meal Plan is mandatory for all students in Huron residences and is included as part of the All-In Residence Cost.  For non-residence students, an All You Care to Eat Meal Plan can be purchased directly.

Full Year Meal Plan

Total Plan Amount Full Access 7 Day Plan Huron Flex Dollars Western Flex Dollars Guest Passes
$6,481.60 $6,181.60 $100.00 $200.00 4 free meal vouchers 


The Per Semester Meal Plan is option to all students.

Per Semester Plan 

Total Plan Amount Full Access 7 Day Plan Huron Flex Dollars Western Flex Dollars Guest Passes
$3,240.80 $3,090.80 $50.00 $100.00 2 free meal vouchers 


Allergies, Sensitivities & Dietary Preferences

Please contact our Food Services Director at the Dining Hall if you have food allergies or sensitivities to such foods as nuts, gluten, or dairy. We can also accommodate your dietary preferences for health or religious reasons such as vegan, vegetarian, Halal, or gluten free diets. We will review the menu and offerings and discuss ways to accommodate you.
We will make it easy for you to find the foods that can eat with our easy-to-follow Labelling System. Just look for the symbols on our menu offerings.

Health and Nutrition

Looking to eat healthier, feel more energetic or optimize your athletic performance? We are happy to help you navigate our menu to find healthier options for you! Need more? We can organize a meeting with our dietitian or executive chef to put together an appropriate diet plan for your specific requirements. Please contact the Director of Food Services at (519) 438-7224 Extension 266 or

Missing a Meal due to Illness?

Students must self identify their illness or injury to their Don or Residence Manager.

The student will be emailed a link to request menu items from the All Your Care to Eat menu.  Their meal will be packaged into a take away container which will be available for pick up at specific services at the Dining Hall cashier.  Requests must be booked 24 hours in advance of the meal to allow time to prepare and package the meal.  Intention by getting take away is that the student will eat their meal outside of the dining hall back at their residence to rest up or heal.

Missing Meals due to a routine conflict?

Students who will routinely miss meals will need to work with Brown Food Services to develop a specialized meal plan to support their schedule.  Members of Browns Food Services and Huron Housing will review application needs and consult with students directly on their situation.

Please contact the Director of Food Services at (519) 438-7224 Extension 266 or


  • student is on a campus team which has practices or games routinely in conflict with meal services
  • student has a routine part-time job over a meal service

Good nutrition and timely meals are important, and Browns will work with students on customized plans to help their specific scenario.

Pro-active, one-off requests for a bagged takeaway meal will follow a similar approval process and will likely be provided with selections from the Retail Kiosk.

Food is not to be removed from the All You Care to Eat dining hall by students.