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Whether you want to be on the field, in the gym, on the court, or cheering from the stands, Huron has a club, sport or athletic activity for you. Our hope is that all of our students get involved in ways that nurture their individuals gifts and make them happy.

When you choose Huron, you have access to all Western varsity opportunities as well as intramural sports teams to play in recreational leagues with your friends.

You can even join our Esports leagues featuring FIFA, Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, League of Legends and more. All Huron students enjoy a free membership to the state-of-the-art Western Recreation Centre.

Are you looking for fun ways to fill up the time you spend between books? Do you want to stay in shape, learn a new skill and make tons of friends that will last a lifetime? Then you need to explore the extensive list of clubs, activities and sports teams available to you as a Huron student. Choose the button below that seems to best fit your interests – or, better yet, explore all the options and figure o​ut exactly where you want to fit in (and stand out!)​​​​​ ​

Huron has its own intramural teams where you’ll get to interact with like-minded community members who are interested in seeing the outdoors and saving the world. If you can’t find your perfect fit from the HUCSC’s list, check out one of Western’s 200+ options for extracurricular involvement.

If athletics are a major part of your life and being part of a highly-competitive team environment that exercises your exceptional talent and skill is essential, try out for one of 35 Western Mustangs varsity teams. Get ready for cheering crowds, championships and one of the finest athletic programs in North America.


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