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Assistant Professor, Arabic

Yahya Kharrat, PhD
My primary goal in teaching Arabic as a second Language is to enable students to acquire the language skills that empower them to communicate effectively. At Huron, I create a supportive atmosphere in my classroom by encouraging students to actively take part in the learning process.

I am an assistant professor of Arabic at Huron holding a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Kansas. My areas of interest include methodologies of teaching foreign languages, teaching Arabic as a second language, and Arabic Culture. I teach various courses covering Quranic Arabic and regular Arabic for both heritage and non-heritage speakers.

Selected Publications:

Book Review: Arabic Grammar in Context by M. Alhawary, Arab World English Journal, vol. 8, no. 2, June 2017.

“The Orthography of Hamzah: A Recurring Problem for Nonnative Speaking Arabic Students, Its Causes, and Remedy – An Applied Example for Advanced Students,” Al-‘Arabiyya, vol. 50, 2017.

“Poetry in EFL Classrooms: Appreciating it and Living it.” King Khalid University Press, 2001.

“How do Children Acquire Language?” Al-Qafila, volume: 49, pp. 21-23, September 2000.

“Is Translation a Science or an Art?” Al-Faisal, volume: 281, pp. 29-32. March 2000.

Works in Progress:

Introductory Arabic and its Application to Texts from the Qur’an
Intermediate Arabic and its Application to Texts from the Qur’an
Advanced Arabic and its Application to Texts from the Qur’an
Arabic for the Novice: A Curriculum for non-Arabic Speakers
Welcome! Come Speak Arabic, Developing Oral Competence