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Associate Dean, FASS, Assistant Professor, BMOS

Vicki Sweeney MBA, CPA, CMA
My teaching aims to instil in my students behaviours that will help them excel in the workplace: engagement, leadership, communication, and collaboration. I can also (hopefully) make accounting fun.

Each September I look forward to meeting (and reconnecting) with a diverse array of students who thrive in Huron’s enriching environment.  Huron, although small, is quite mighty.  It’s mighty because of the people who are here: the staff, the faculty, and most importantly, the students.  While academically engaged students can be found in any institution, Huron’s smaller size helps these shining stars come to life.  There’s no better place to come to really show (and grow) your true potential.

Summary of Research:

  • Business Case Studies
  • Accounting Education and Pedagogy