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Associate Professor, Centre for Global Studies

Lucas Savino, PhD
I approach teaching as an opportunity to create conditions that foster collective forms of learning and celebrate anti-oppressive ways of knowing in a global context.

The Centre for Global Studies is a unique place in Canada for the study of world-scale problems from interdisciplinary, collaborative, and critical perspectives. The Centre for Global Studies makes Huron unique by offering its students academic programs that address the formation and reproduction of inequalities around the world.

Summary of Research:

  • Indigenous peoples’ self-determination
  • Modern state formation in Latin America
  • Neoliberal governmentality
  • Resource extractivism on Indigenous territories
  • Conservation and tourism as forms of dispossession

Teaching areas (highlights):

  • Globalization and Global Development
  • Anti-oppressive research methodologies
  • Philanthrocapitalism and volunteer tourism
  • Non-state peoples and state formations
  • Poverty
  • Decolonization