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Associate Professor, Political Science

Lindsay Scorgie, PhD
My teaching aims to inspire students to take a greater interest – and form a deeper understanding – of the political world around them.

Students at Huron have extensive opportunities to take what they learn in the classroom about various political issues, and apply this in empirical settings.

For example – topics such as the politics of memorialization, or the challenges of reconciliation after mass killing, are concepts that cannot be fully understood in the abstract. At Huron, students have the chance to delve deeper into these issues through an experiential learning course to Rwanda, where they can explore the strategies used in the country’s post-genocide context.

Summary of Research: 

  • African politics (especially the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda)
  • Peace and conflict studies
  • Borderlands and weak state spaces
  • Rebel groups
  • Genocide / mass atrocity memorialization