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Associate Professor, Management and Organizational Studies,

Jan Klakurka, C.Dir., CPA, CA, MBA, CMC, APF
My philosophy is to assist students in their development of professional judgment for management through breadth and depth of understanding of theories and how organizations work “in the real world.

Jan’s research is directed toward the intersection of strategic planning, lucid foresight and futures studies for management. This focus includes interest in corporate sustainability impacts on profitability and green reporting; effectiveness of governance and organizational structure; shareholder value through ethical corporate development and organic growth models; and holistic implementation of corporate objectives.

His personal philosophy is to assist students in their quest for breadth and depth of understanding of management, analytical, career, and even life skills. Jan is obliged to stay abreast of the latest managerial, functional, and strategic thinking and research, bringing it to the classroom for students to discuss, challenge, and integrate. In a similar vein, students, parents, and recruiters, are interested in understanding how organizations work “in the real world” and how daily challenges are faced using the skills they have learned.

The classroom should present the theoretical and practical, and build both technical and holistic life skills that can be applied to management and organizational challenges in public and private sectors. These competencies are what Jan calls the “Management Arts” and are precisely what Huron teaches.