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BMOS, Accounting, Class of 2018

Nic Gil
Huron’s MOS program gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about different industries and potential career options before you commit to a specialization. From course work through to seeking employment, you have close connections to your professors so they support you every step of the way.

Nicholas Gil is a recent Huron grad who is now enjoying working in Toronto at Ernst & Young – one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the world. Nic was originally drawn to Huron’s MOS program due to the small size of the campus, its proximity and connection with Western University, as well as its reputation as an exceptional, academically and research-oriented institution.

He came to Huron from Mississauga where he attended St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School. During his high school career, Nic was extremely involved in supporting a vibrant learning environment while participating on Students’ Council, being a track athlete, playing in the school’s band and support first-year students as a prefect. However, he was delighted when he arrived at Huron and had the opportunity to move far beyond the bubble of his high school to engage with Leaders with Heart from around the world.

“Huron’s dedication to fostering a dynamic and globally-focused learning environment means you engage with different cultures, religions and perspectives. This means you get to learn a lot about other people and yourself, and you learn to look beyond your own small, narrow box.”

I really enjoyed Huron’s Management & Organizational Studies program because it combines a really effective mix of general interest topics and more specialized areas of study. This is so important for students because it enables them to explore numerous industries and potential career paths within low-risk environments. Then, once you’re in your third-year, you narrow your focus and gain in-depth knowledge about the subjects your most interested in from professors who have significant experience in those fields.

No matter where you study accounting, you’ll likely have the opportunity to develop a pretty standard knowledge-base. But, what makes studying at Huron different than anywhere else is the environment and initiatives fostered by the faculty, staff and administration there. At Huron, you learn how to effectively communicate with people, share your ideas and share your strengths and unique personality traits with your peers, leaders and potential employers.

“The fact the only other student intern at Ernst & Young during my time there came from Huron says a lot about the types of students our university develops. While your employer can help you fine-tune your technical skills, your education here will help you learn how to have the biggest positive impact on others you possibly can. This, above all else, is what makes Huron students stand out.”