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Co-Founder, Twelve Canada

Adam Fearnall, Political Science & English
It was clear from the very start, Huron is a place that recognizes each student’s value and everyone is willing to work hard to help you make the most of it. It was and will always be a place I am very proud of.

Adam is a thought leader who transforms dynamic ideas into solutions that drive social change. The Huron alumnus is a co-founder of Twelve Canada, a registered charitable organization that supports the leadership teams of social change projects that renew community life. The team at Twelve Canada has made its mark by completing research and evaluation projects for community-focused organizations that provide Leaders with Heart with the information that they need to increase their impact.

Twelve Canada’s work is guided by principles of effective communication, compassionate leadership and the development of creative, actionable solutions. While Adam has always been a forward thinker, his time at Huron encouraged him to recognize the importance of these values and how their application can inspire individuals and communities.

When Adam applied to Huron, he recalls receiving a hand-written note from the Principal, congratulating him on his scholarship and extending an invitation to meet as soon as the school year began. “That level of commitment and recognition of each individual student stuck with me,” Adam says. “I always noticed the far-reaching dedication of the faculty and staff to nurture relationships and provide the personal attention students need to succeed.”

With this individualized support, Adam achieved extraordinary academic and extracurricular success. In 2010, he became the President of the Huron Student Council, and then led Western University at its President and CEO in 2012. Adam furthered his passion for social innovation when he co-founded the London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) with fellow Huron alumni, Matt Ross. During his time at the LYAC, he brought youth voices into mainstream conversations about changes that needed to take place to engage young people in shaping political systems.

“I would encourage Huron students to be open to experimenting with different ideas. If it doesn’t work out, you will have the support and the skills to adapt,” Adam says. “I lean on my English and Political Science degree all the time. My role demands I am able to critically think about and communicate ideas to people who are operating in the complex systems I learned about during the attainment of my degree.”

The Liberal Arts education Adam received at Huron continues to help him identify creative approaches to the obstacles he encounters when tackling barriers to social change. Adam works with organizations across Canada to inspire them to build projects that empower people to create lasting community impact.