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Program/Majors: Governance, Leadership and Ethics (GLE)
Home city/home country: New Delhi, India
High School Name: Pathways School, Gurgaon

Fast Facts:

Favourite spot on campus:  Window overlooking back flats in the Huron Library

Most memorable moment at Huron: The first time I clicked a picture of myself next to the Huron logo in front of the Frank Holmes Centre

Clubs joined: Huron Indian Cultural Association (HICA)

Volunteer/Work/Career Development/Research Experience:

  • Web Content Intern at Nykaa
  • Academic Programming Commissioner for the HUCSC
  • Director of Outreach and VP of Outreach for HICA
  • International Brand Ambassador
  • Upper Year Student Experience SEO
  • VP Events for the BMOS club

Best class taken: Philosophy 2074: Business Ethics

What I love about London Life: Since London is a university town, it is easy to meet other students, faculty, and staff who are not only from Huron but also others at Western and Fanshawe.

Which Huron Residence I lived in: Southwest

Career Goal: I hope to gain experience in the corporate sector. My interests lie in human resources and consulting. Later on, I hope to start my own business.

Huron has truly changed me as a person, I am not the same Naisha I was before I joined. I am so much more independent now, I take responsibility for my actions, I make decisions more wisely and I think all of this has happened more because Huron has pushed me to do that and given me the opportunities to do so and make me a better version of myself.

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