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Program/Majors: Double Major in Economics and GLE
Home city/home country: Afghanistan
High School Name: UWC Robert Bosch College

Fast Facts:

Favourite spot on campus: Huron Library & Jago Courtyard

Most memorable moment at Huron: The HUCSC presidential campaign last winter was a great memory so far to get to know more students and learn about student government

Clubs joined: WUSC Local committee

Volunteer/Work/Career Development/Research Experience:

  • Permanent member at UWC Afghanistan National committee
  • Volunteer: London MPP candidate Kate Graham’s 2022 campaign
  • Volunteer: London CCLC
  • Volunteer: American Councils for International Education in Afghanistan
  • AYDC summer camp organization team for Afghan students at Kabul University

Best class taken: Philosophy 1230A: Reasoning and Critical Thinking, Political Science 1020E: Introduction to Political Science, and CGS 1023F: Introduction to Development

Which Huron Residence I lived in: O’Neil Ridley and Hellmuth Hall

Career Goal: Still trying to explore different fields but I am interested in the education sector, and would like to further explore sustainable development and global affairs.

Before Huron, I used to think of university as a place where you attend class and then go home and complete assignments. Huron was completely different. When I came to Huron, it felt similar to the immense support I received back in my high school with smaller class sizes that are highly interactive and discussion-based in nature, with invaluable personal connections with professors. Beyond class, there are lots of engaging activities and extracurricular opportunities, in addition to academics. Huron’s Career Development Centre in particular has been exceptionally available and supportive in helping me apply for my Community Residence Don position and helping me get different interviews for jobs and paid internships.

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