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Program/Majors:  Honours Double Major in Economics and Political Science, $100,000 International Presidential Scholarship Recipient
Home city/home country: Nairobi, Kenya
High School Name: Aga Khan, Nairobi; Aga Khan, Mombasa

Fast Facts:

Favourite spot on campus: Old Student Activity Centre

Most memorable moment at Huron: International Week

Clubs joined: Huron Black Student Association (HBSA), Huron Investment Club, Huron Soccer Club

Volunteer/Work/Career Development/Research Experience: Aviva Canada (4-month summer internship) as a Global Corporate & Specialty intern

Best class taken:  Writing 2101: Introduction to Expository Writing

What I love about London Life: All the parks and green areas during the summer

Which Huron Residence I lived in: Southwest

Career Goal: Work to impact the development and alleviation of income inequity within developing countries.

The small classroom size was the major deciding factor in determining Huron as the best fit for my post-secondary education, alongside the ability to build lasting relationships with my professors…I recall one of my French professors who took the time to get to know me and I was astounded by how much she dedicated to learning about each one of her students (we were 14 students). She even went on to recommend other classes I could take and books I could read based on my interests.

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