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Program/Majors:  BMOS-Honours Specialization in Finance and Administration | Ivey HBA Candidate 2024) | $100,000 International Presidential Scholar Recipient
Home city/home country: Nairobi, Kenya
High School Name: Brookhouse School 

Fast Facts:

Favourite Spot on Campus: The Old Student Activity Centre and the Western Recreational Centre

Most memorable moment at Huron: International Welcome Week

Clubs joined: Western Varsity Athlete- Swimming, Huron BMOS Student Association- VP Finance, Huron Green Club- Executive Director of Finance, Huron Indian Cultural Association (HICA)

Internships/Volunteer/Career Development Programming/Research experiences I’ve had:  

Volunteer/Work/Career Development Experience:

  • Student Engagement Officer (SEO)
  • International Student Officer (ISO)
  • Peer Note Taker- Economics 1021A and Math 1229A
  • Swahili Lessons Facilitator- Western University
  • Chaplain Assistant
  • International Student Brand Ambassador
  • Planning and Economic Development Intern UNESCO- City of London (Summer 2022)
  • Harvard CORe Program

Best class taken:  Business 2257: Accounting and Business Analysis

What I love about London Life:  I love the small city because it makes it easier to get from one end to another. Additionally, the lifestyle in London is affordable compared to that in major cities like Toronto.

Career Goal:  To pursue a career in Finance, especially in the Financial Services industry

The personalized learning experience was a determining factor in deciding whether Huron would be the best for me. This is because Huron offers smaller, more specialized classroom sizes that allow you to interact with your professors and classmates, enabling you to get help when necessary as well as have meaningful discussions with your classmates both in and out of the classroom. Another defining factor that drew me to Huron was the ability to be able to utilize Western’s resources, especially the sporting facilities and the ability to join Western Mustang varsity athletic teams. This was something I was looking for in my post-secondary education as I am a competitive swimmer back in my home country, Kenya and I wanted to continue with my passion throughout university.