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British Patterned System (G.C.E)

General Requirements

If you are studying at offers G.C.E curriculum, you will need to complete the following for admission:

  • 3 distinct A-Levels (or 4 distinct AS-Levels), including:
  • Required courses for your program.

To apply, please upload the following transcripts:

  • GCSE/IGCSE/Ordinary Levels or equivalent in academic subjects   
  • Predicted scores. 

Program Specific Requirements

Arts & Social Sciences

There are no program-specific requirements.

Management & Organizational Studies

There are no program-specific requirements, however, AS-Level or A-Level Math is highly recommended.

Transfer Credit

If you receive a final score no less than a B in your Advanced Level, an admissions officer will assess you for transfer credit. These are credits that could count towards your degree.

SubjectWestern CreditCredit Weight
AccountingBusiness 22571.0
Art (Art & Design)Visual Arts 10201.0
BiologyBiology 1001A and 1002B1.0 (0.5 each)
BusinessBusiness 1220E1.0
ChemistryChemistry 1301A and 1302B1.0 (0.5 each)
ComputingComputer Science 1026A and 1027B1.0 (0.5 each)
EconomicsNot Eligible 
English LanguageNot Eligible 
English LiteratureEnglish 1020E1.0
GeographyGeography 1300A and 1400F1.0 (0.5 each)
HistoryNot Eligible 
Arabic Arabic 2250 1.0 
FrenchFrench 1910 or 1900E 1.0 
GermanGerman 22001.0
PortuguesePortuguese 22001.0 
SpanishSpanish 22001.0 
MathCalculus 1000A0.5 
Further MathMath 1229A/B0.5 
Physical EducationKinesiology 1020 TRN*1.0
PhysicsPhysics 1101A and 1102B1.0 (0.5 each)
PsychologyPsychology 1020 TRN*1.0 
Religious StudiesReligious Studies 1023E1.0 
SociologySociology 1020 or 1021E1.0
Technology Not Eligible
TheatreNot Eligible

English Language Proficiency

If you have not studied for a minimum of four years (including the final year) in an institution where the language of instruction is English, you are required to submit a satisfactory English Language Proficiency test score. Huron requires one of the following:


Minimum overall score: 6.5

No section less than: 6.0


Minimum overall score: 83

No section less than: 20


Minimum overall score: 80

No section less than: 78


Minimum overall score: 60

No section less than: 60


Minimum overall score: 58

No section less than: 56


Minimum overall score: 115

No section less than: 100

Students who do not meet Huron’s English language requirement but are academically admissible will automatically be admitted into an Academic English program.

Programs include:


Students who qualify take ESL in July and August before starting full-time at Huron in September.


After successful completion of the High Advanced Level, students begin full-time studies at Huron. The length of program is dependent on English language proficiency.

Huron offers students conditional acceptance into undergraduate studies pending final completion of an approved language program. Students who successfully complete the language program will not have to provide an English Language Proficiency test examination score.

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Huron has one of the highest entering admission averages among Canadian institutions. Through the application process, students are able to show their contributions outside of the classroom, in addition to their academic record.

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