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Your event’s requirements may differ depending on if it is in-person, virtual, or a hybrid event.

If your event is virtual:
It is recommended that you start with the Virtual Event Planning Guide and then utilize the additional resources below as needed.

If your event is in person:
Please reach out to the Events team who can assist in communicating the current policies and regulations. The most recent room capacities, physical distancing, and visitor policies will be shared. You can then also request your preferred location through EPConnect – the Room Booking Request System


All resources can also be found on the M: drive in the Event Resources folder.

Event Calendars

In order to advertise your event to students and the Huron community, please submit a “Events Request Form” on Jira. The Events Team can then add the details of your event onto the OWL Project Site – Huron Events Calendar, as well as the website Event Calendar.

The Events Team is here as a service unit to you! Please reach out for assistance if you would like to review/ clarify anything from these resources. We are happy to meet with you to ensure all settings are correct, host a practice session with you, and support you in any other way we can!

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