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Class of 2022
Title of Experience: Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program Graduate

The effects of the CAP program have already rippled because I am working with Scotiabank right now

Yuvraj enrolled in the Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program based on his interest and career goals to work in the banking sector. He was immediately drawn to the opportunity to connect with one of the largest banks in Canada.

As a graduating student, Yuvraj completed all of the requirements in the inaugural year of the program and attended numerous works and accessed various Career Development services to expand his skill set and knowledge and prepare to enter the workforce. “The best part about the program is the exposure to industry experts. It makes a tremendous difference being able to make connections and learn from professionals who have achieved so much. The insights they share about their experiences have been key take aways for my learning”.

Yuvraj has used the opportunities afforded in the Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program to enhance his career prospects and secured a full-time role working with Scotiabank prior to graduating that he will move forward with long term. Yuvraj utilized the connection with Scotiabank on his resume and during the interview process to demonstrate to employers that he has the necessary skills and level of experience to be an emerging leader in his field.

Yuvraj recommends the Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program to any incoming student at Huron. He shares that “it’s not uncommon for students to be unsure about what they want to do when coming to university. The Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program is about more than just the banking sector, it allows you build a variety of skills sets that are applicable across industries…the certification holds tremendous value and you will learn a lot about different work environments.”

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