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Class of 2022
Program: Bachelor of Arts Double Major in Psychology and English
Title of Experience: President, Volunteer YA!

Collaborating with community members by working towards a common goal for a greater benefit enables us to improve essential skills, such as social awareness, relationship development, communication, respect and compassion. The value of volunteering is numerous, ranging from immediate short-term benefits, such as immediate relief; to long-term benefits, such as empowerment, prevention and termination of harm and oppression. It is salient to encourage everyone to volunteer, as it is a splendid avenue, especially for young adults, to learn more about themselves, other people, and the world.

Varruna is a 4th year student at Huron with 573 volunteer hours and the recipient of the Waugh Family Volunteer Service Fund in April 2022. Varruna has volunteered with several organizations, including Good Neighbours Canada, The First Baptist Church, various HUCSC positions and is the long-standing President of Volunteer Ya! at Huron.  Through her role as President of Volunteer Ya! Varruna has organized opportunities for herself and her peers to serve meals and collect donations for community members who are in need, while also engaging in fundraising and awareness campaigns to highlight humanitarian crises across the globe. Additionally, Varruna shares that “undertaking various volunteer positions in Huron’s Students’ Council has allowed me to give back to the Huron community whilst collaborating with my peers to create an even better, diverse and inclusive university experience for students at Huron”.

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