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Founder & CEO, Divisional
Title of Experience: Alumni Mentor
Associated Organization: Huron’s Mentorship Program

Connect with one of our impressive alumni who can provide insight as you begin to look toward post-graduate opportunities.

Trevor builds and scales start-ups – one of which he runs alongside his team in Canada and the US. Our Coordinator, Employer Relations reached out to Trevor to see if he would be interested in mentoring a student, and he was thrilled to work with Dylan.

Older students, who took less traditional paths, showed me where I could be and it was so interesting and important to get that exposure,” Trevor explains. “Now, I hope to provide a comfort zone for Dylan where he can bounce around his ideas and, together, we can reflect on his path in ways that play to his success.

Another great benefit of mentorship? Company leaders, like Trevor, are always looking to attract and retain great talent. So, you may not only meet your next great mentor, but also people who can open doors to highly-desirable opportunities.

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