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Class of 2024
Program: Bachelor of Arts, Major in Economics and Scholars Elective
Title of Experience: Harvard CORe

It’s an excellent experience to strengthen your foundational understanding of the core concepts that you need if you want to pursue accounting or economics or anything related to business management. In addition to those skills, you also learn transferable skills like time management; how to ask for help; and how to collaborate with others.

Mekhalaa Muraly, a second year Huron Scholar’s Electives Program and Economics student, attended an information session on the Harvard CORe program in her first year and was excited to enroll the following year because of the core skills that she would learn in the three modules: Financial Accounting, Business Analytics, and Economics for Managers. For Mekhalaa, learning new technical hard skills within Microsoft Excel and building on her logical and analytical skills in the Business Analytics course were invaluable as an Economics student with an interest in quantitative research. Mekhalaa confirms that “this experience has made my resume a competitive application when applying for different banking related opportunities.”

Mekhalaa says that Harvard CORe is a unique learning opportunity because the modules are designed to provide you with foundational knowledge and theory of the explored concepts while also providing opportunities to apply your learning to real world case studies.

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