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Class of 2024
Program: Bachelor of Arts, Honours Specialization in Political Science, Major in Mathematics
Title of Experience: Transformation Coordinator

Associated Organization: Community Foundations of Canada

Matson says his position aligns perfectly with his ideology as he is “passionate about helping others and address inequalities in the community”

Matson Kitamisi became a Transformation Program Assistant at Community Foundations of Canada through his Internship, he knew it was a perfect match. “We can embark into transformations using three pillars: community economy, climate, and inequality”.

Matson says he has had the opportunity to sit in on conversations regarding infrastructure in Canada and the decision-making process. Matson, being the youngest person to sit in on these discussions, has learned the key skills needed to become a better system leader.

While being part of a variety of projects, Matson says he has “a better understands the importance of listening and that being a leader is not about managing others; but rather, about influencing the common goal of the project and engaging with everyone that is part of the team”.

As well, he recommends anyone requiring career support to take advantage of Huron’s Career Development team. He says they helped him through his journey through “finding this position on the Huron-exclusive internship page on OWL and assisted in writing my cover letter and resume, along with completing a mock interview”, all of which contributed to his successful candidacy.

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