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Class of 2023
Program: Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in History, Minor in Public History
Title of Experience: Volunteer Board Member
Associated Organization: Museum London

You can’t replicate these experiences in most student jobs. In this volunteer position, especially the ones that Huron develops, they often put you in leadership roles within the organization or roles you wouldn’t have otherwise. Don’t underestimate the value of volunteering.

Kevin den Dunnen currently acts as a nonvoting volunteer Board Member with Museum London, which he secured through as a Huron Exclusive experience. This curated volunteer experience aligns with Kevin’s academic pursuits in Public History, as well as his previous volunteer and work experience in the heritage and public history sector.

Kevin is gaining valuable experience that allows him to learn about strategic leadership and planning, and the day-to-day operations of how a Board works, as well as being on the External Relations and Volunteer Committees to further support Museum London’s initiatives. Kevin says that “they engage with me like a regular Board member, and I find that really rewarding. As a student, I haven’t gotten that experience before, and it’s been an amazing opportunity.”

Kevin’s academic experience to date, while completing a Major in History and a Minor in Public History, has allowed him to develop critical thinking skills, such as asking informed questions, that have allowed him to further his career and collaborate with community leaders in Board meetings. This collaboration and understanding of the Board experience has been rewarding and vital to his future career, with Kevin reflecting that this Huron volunteer experience and the opportunities afforded to him with Museum London have been greater than he had ever hoped.

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