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Class of 2023
Program: Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Honours Specialization in Accounting
Title of Experience: Audit – Summer Internship Associated
Organization: KPMG

Hannah says prior to this internship she had little experience in accounting, and that this position has allowed her to develop both accounting and auditing skills. “This position has definitely opened my eyes to the world of accounting and audit and what to expect when school is done”

In the summer of 2021, Hannah Watson interned with KPMG in their audit department and opted to complete two rotations. She spent part of her time working in the Consumer and Industrial Markets industry, and the other part in Financial Institutions and Real Estate.

Hannah says that within the firm, she had mentors who assisted with her personal growth. These individuals were assigned to her in both of her rotational positions and where they guided her through her assignments. “They taught me about their experiences within the firm, gave me tips on how to succeed, not just in my internship but in my career in general,” Hannah enthuses. She says that seeing them work their way up in the firm, “really motivated me to want to do better, work harder, and to pay more attention to detail, so I can get to where they are in their careers”.

Hannah credits the Career Development team with helping her secure her internship as they assisted with her cover letter and resume. The mock interviews were extremely helpful as well, she says, as they “helped me feel comfortable when it came to the real interview”.

Hannah is currently a KPMG Lead Campus Ambassador. Students are welcome to reach out if they have any further questions regarding KPMG!

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