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Class of 2024
Title of Experience: Harvard CORe

I found the Harvard CORe Program very rewarding

So says Christian Del Guidice, who completed the Harvard CORe program during the summer of 2020 when he was a second-year student. He shares that when he first started the program, he felt intimidated about the idea of elite professors and a global classroom filled with top-tier students, wondering if he would fit in with this learning environment. He soon came to realize participating in the Harvard CORe program was one of the best academic decisions he could have made. The CORe courses aligned seamlessly with his program and helped him better understand his degree courses that he took in the upcoming school year. The “lectures and professors were phenomenal, especially given this past year of taking asynchronous courses”, he says.

Christian says that the Harvard CORe Program provided insight into how all three of the different areas of business taught in the course, Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting, work in unison and have cross functionality between the different areas in real world concepts. He says this newfound knowledge has allowed him to perform better at his summer internship because he is able to understand how business operates in a broader sense. He “highly encourages anyone who is remotely interested, even if they are not majoring in business or taking business courses, to consider taking this program”.

The Harvard CORe program starts from an intro level, making it inclusive to everyone despite their major. As well, the content is very interactive being an online asynchronous course, explains Christian. Sometimes there were video lectures, other times it was written transcripts, other days there were discussion posts, and then there were check-in quizzes to test your knowledge, solidifying what you have been reading and watching.

After completing the Harvard CORe program, Christian shares that he is still part of the Harvard Business School Online community and has attended a virtual conference with past students and Harvard professors, allowing him to create global relationships with others. From the application process to the program itself, and the community created after the program, Christian says this has all “contributed to his positive experience, and I found it to be very rewarding in the end”.

Huron’s Career Development team played an active role in encouraging his application and candidacy, says Christian. They assisted him through the entire application process from start to finish, providing him with all the information he required prior to applying, along with creating and reviewing his application. Christian says that during the Harvard CORe program, the Career Development team continued to contact him to check in to see how he was doing academically, as well as experientially, to ensure that it met his expectations.

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