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Class of 2022
Title of Experience: Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program Graduate

Participating in this program has given me the security and knowledge that I have a wide variety of skills, both hard and soft, that I may bring to any career path that I choose.

As a Political Science and French Studies student, Annie enrolled in the Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program to explore new opportunities and expand her knowledge and skills in the marketing and brand engagement sectors.

Annie learned a lot about time management while participating in the additional certifications the program offers, while also being a full-time student at Huron. Through engaging in the Scotiabank Career Accelerator Programming, she has been able explore her interest in marketing and branding and applied it to internship experiences and feels confident in the new skill sets she has acquired.

Participating in the Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program has allowed Annie to explore her interests, gain new hard and soft skills and improve her self-confidence. With these new perspectives and skills, Annie shares that she feels prepared to pursue a higher level of education as a Graduate Student at the University of Toronto.  

Through participating in the program, Annie notes that “you gain a lot of new perspectives from sources you may not have been in touch with if you were not involved in the program…It’s been great to combine career development with my academic experience. It’s really important to hone your career skills and I have appreciated that opportunity through this program.” 

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