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Class of 2024
Year and Program: Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in Economics & Scholars Elective Program
Title of Experience: Selections Committee Member – Forest City Film Festival; Planning Committee – City of London Newcomer Day

Never think twice before volunteering because you learn so much, and at the end of the day you have a learning outcome with no boundaries. Not only are you helping the community, but you are working on yourself as well.

Aaryan Lakhan Paul spent the summer of 2021 volunteering for the City of London and the Forest City Film Festival, as a member of the Planning Committee for Newcomer Day and as part of the Selections Committee for the Youth Film Festival.

Through both of these volunteer opportunities, Aaryan was able to further develop his analytical and data management skills, as well as his writing and communication abilities in a professional setting. Whether it was analyzing films and writing reviews or strategizing and communicating with professionals from various industries while planning Newcomer Day, Aaryan says that “the skills that I’ve learned, the exposure and experience that I’ve gotten, and the connections that I’ve made” were invaluable, reinforcing the reciprocal relationship of giving and learning that exists between students and organizations when engaging in volunteer activities.

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