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Owner of Cafézia Coffee
Studied French & Political Science at Huron, Graduated with an HBA

In 2019, Natalie began running Cafézia Coffee, a business that sells Organic Fairtrade coffee infused with herbs
to add numerous health benefits. From its zero-waste program through to the ways Natalie supports retailers to align with her environmentally forward practices, Cafézia goes far beyond the marketing trend of “green-washing.”

Natalie acknowledges part of running a for-profit company means making money. But, she refuses to believe her success has to come at the cost of her morals. While Natalie’s conscientious practices are more logistically challenging to implement, “It makes me feel good we are actually living our values and implementing

I absolutely loved Huron. One of the most distinguishing aspects of our university is its emphasis on doing the right thing. At Huron, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are just as cognizant as you are about balancing success with their moral foundations, so it constantly makes you want to take the initiative to do the good the world demands. Even when you leave the school, you never forget that obligation.