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Huron Refugee Family Support Fund

At Huron, we are committed to serving our local and international community. With so many in need, we want to do what we can, and so to that end we are sponsoring a refugee family, the family of one of our students. This family – two adults and three children, ages 2, 4, and 11 – is currently living in a refugee camp and will be coming to Canada after having been displaced from their home once already. Life in this camp is difficult, especially for young children.

A sponsorship like this requires short-term and long-term funding. Importantly, there is an initial input required by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada to get the sponsorship activated and so we are hoping to raise $7,500 by September 15, 2022, if possible. If you give before September 15th, you’ll be able to help in the first step of sponsorship process. However, we also need people to make longer-term commitments so when the family arrives, we’ll have the funds to help them set up their new home.

Any contribution will help make a real difference in the life of this family. Thank you in advance for your support of our Huron community and its members.